Dedham Education Foundation

A Community Supporting Its Public Schools


Have your children come home excited about a trip to a museum or hearing from a story teller posing as a Lowell "mill girl"?  Maybe they had their eyes opened to the dangers of bullying from a special presenter.  Chances are these programs were funded by a grant from the DEF.

The DEF regularly awards more than $20,000 in grants each year, but we are unable to fulfill all requests.  Through continued growth, the DEF looks forward to the day when all teacher and school needs are met.

The Dedham Education Foundation was founded in 1991 to support our public schools and make possible programs and initiatives that enhance and enrich students' education. Since then, the DEF has awarded nearly $300,000 in grants, making possible field trips, district-wide presentations on bullying and other issues, and special materials for reading, science, and the arts.